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    Chamsys MacicQ PC Wing Compact XMT-120A DMX Measurement Tool/Tester Mega-Lite Baby Color Q70
    Chamsys MagicQ PC Wing Compact - Lighting ConsoleSwisson XMT-120A - DMX Measurement Tool/TesterMega-Lite Baby Color Q70

    Turns your PC or Mac into a full featured DMX Lighting Console. MagicQ PC Wing Compact provides an immensely powerful PC based lighting solution. Simply connect the PC Wing Compact to a USB port

    The Swisson XMT-120A is a DMX Measurement Tool/Tester - DMX Receiver, DMX Transmitter, Cable Tester, Channel Tracer, and More!

    The Mega-Lite Baby Color Q70 is a bright color changing fixture that is ultra compact.
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    ChamSys MagicQ MQ40N Lighting Console DMX Cable
    ChamSys MagicQ MQ40N Compact Lighting Console3 Pin DMX Cable

    The MQ40 is designed as a low cost DMX only console with a simplified user interface making it extremely easy to use - ideal for installations, clubs, schools, and small venues. 

    Top Quality Professional 3 Pin DMX Cable - 25 Ft. Long with Neutrik connectors.
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    1 - 5 of 5 items

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